Cloud / Hosted Solutions

The Cloud - Bramatt ComputingThe demand for Cloud Computing and Hosting Services is ever increasing for small, medium and large companies; these services shouldnt simply be overlooked.  Unfortunately though there is a tremendous amount of poor information and overhyped confusion with regards 'The Cloud'.  Our goal is to help you acheive a greater understanding of the options available; Bramatt Computing offer competitive and industry leading solutions from all of the leading vendors.

The right Cloud or Hosting solution can deliver service applications to you without major upfront capital investment and also in a fraction of the traditional planning/engineering time required.  Serious consideration needs to be applied though before such a major turnaround in infrastructure takes place, as quite often it is incredibly dificult to revert back to your previous setup should you have a change of mind.

Most 'Service as a Product' (Saap) providers will deliver a 99.9% guarantee; but if the broadband line fails you’re service stops, how much would this cost your company?  Should you consider a Hybrid solution? Keeping a low cost local copy could save you thousands of pounds in down time, but does the Saap providers offer this?

Cloud and Hosting solutions are here to stay that is a fact?  Over the coming years they will also be more common place.  How they work and the best fit solution for your business needs are not to be taken lightly; over the next pages we compare the initial cost v cloud solution for the most common delivered services.

What is the cloud

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