Cabling & Security

Cat5e Cat6 Structured CablingMany company's often under-estimate the requirement for quality network cabling. Why spend thousands of pounds on expensive servers, PC and network switches only to get unqualified or non-certified company's to install your network cabling. If the cabling in your network is sub-standard then its performance will always be; regardless of how much money you throw at physical network equipment?

Working in the cabling industry for many years has enabled us to provide cost effective pricing and performance. This guarantee's you will not suffer from any loss of data or performance issues with your network cabling.  All Cat5e/Cat6 cabling is Fluke Certified and comes with a manufacturers 25 year warranty.

From a security perspective, Bramatt Computing also offers IP based network CCTV and access control systems.  Many companies are now moving to IP based solutions as it provides such greater functionality and integrates fully into your existing network infrastructure.

For a quote on any of these products a site survey is usually required, Bramatt Computing conducts all surveys free of charge. Why not give us a call on 0845 643 2410.