Remote Control

A secure, reliable and feature rich remote control panel is paramount to any remote support system.

The Bramatt Computing Portal enables fast, “as onsite support” for our internal help desk staff or as a remote support platform to enhance your own IT department.

Feature Rich Settings:

- Login portal for your IT Staff
- Background monitoring, overview the system without disturbing the user
- Copy, Move and Delete Files
- Registry edits, Install Software and Map Network Drives
- Restart Services, Start and Stop Processors / applications
- Show service dependencies and add a Windows Service Check to monitor problem services
- Configure Start up applications and routine, priorities key services
- Stop non-responsive processes / monitor process resources / add a check to monitor problematic applications
- One click access for servers and workstations
- 24/7 – The ability to work on machines even when the office is closed
- Low impact client for secure connection

The Bramatt remote support platform delivers hassle free support, fixing issue’s quickly and efficiently.
With the ability to do more remotely and faster than most, we ensure to keep staff productivity at a level you require

In addition to the above, you can incorporate our Remote Background Management tool (RBM), this enables us to work on a client machine remotely to fix problems without interrupting the end user