Obtaining reports from the management system is achieved in two waysRMM Reporting

Bramatt Health Checks Reports –
These can be configured on a daily, weekly or monthly basis allowing you to receive full reports on the status of your devices.

Customer defined Reports -
Custom reports can be configured to monitor individual items or services; for example this report could be used to quickly see the status of a mission critical service on a daily basis.


Bramatt Health Checks Reports – Daily or Weekly

A standard template is used to configure and report the most common items across the IT estate, ( this can be tailored for individual customer requirements *).
These reports can show Disk space change, Critical Events check, AV updates , Failed Login attempts, Physical disk health check, vulnerability check.

In addition to the automated health check reports, more in depth reports can be requested form the system, these reports really help to show current or potential future problem areas
- AV Report – Threat Report , AV Protection Report, Quarantine Report
- Web Protection Report
- Device Inventory Report, Hardware and Software
- Bandwidth and Performance History
- Active Directory
- Patch Overview
- Online Back up
- Mobile Device management

Customer defined Reports -

Our System enables customers to create tailored automatic reports, these reports can help spot trends, daily and weekly fixed content in easy to read graphic content , report formats supported are – PDF, XML, CSV.