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Protect, manage and extend your email system with GFI's portfolio of messaging management and security solutions.

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 GFI mail archive delivers the three main requirements for customers looking at e-mail archiving. All of this is delivered at one of the most competitive priced solutions for the SMB market

Eliminate PST Files
GFI MailArchiver gives users the power to browse and retrieve past communications from a central database rather than search through a store of PST files on disk to find a lost or deleted email or attachment.

Save on storage
Automatically archive email into a central store to increase efficiency, improve server performance and reduce storage requirements.

Compliance and e-discovery
Companies around the world are required by various laws and regulations* to maintain electronic records and correspondence for a fixed period of time, after which they should be destroyed.
Records must be guaranteed to be complete and stored in their original form. Not just email
GFI MailArchiver empowers companies to efficiently store and manage all their business-critical communications and important documents. It also gives managers access to valuable business insight through a series of reports based on the wealth of company information in the archive.

Archiving options
Businesses can choose to use journaling functionality to archive all email-generated communications. They can also choose to use rule-based archiving to selectively archive emails based on certain criteria. The benefits of archiving are available to companies running Exchange and other servers too.

Access anywhere, anytime
Losing or deleting an important email or attachment can be a nightmare, especially when you are away from the office. With GFI MailArchiver, managers and employees have peace of mind, knowing they can access their email history and business-critical documents anywhere.
Secure archiving for compliance
Minimize legal risk. Archive emails and documents in their original state – in a central, tamper-proof store – to help with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations.

Protect sensitive company data
Reduce legal exposure.
Concerned about people sharing sensitive personal and company information via email? The Data Leakage Detection Report helps you identify emails containing sensitive information, including social security numbers, credit cards and other sensitive information that could put you at legal or financial risk.


Block spam and protect your network from email-borne threats. GFI MailEssentials provides anti-spam and email security for your mail serversemail and messaging

Powerful and effective business spam filtering
Blocks e-mail-Bourne viruses and other malware
Granular, user0based e-mail content policy enforcement

An arsenal of anti-spam filters
GFI MailEssentials features a variety of anti-spam technologies designed to put your mind at rest and make life difficult for spammers.

Up to five antivirus engines
GFI MailEssentials ships with the powerful VIPRE and BitDefender antivirus engines, offering an advanced technology stack that provides strong email protection against viruses and other malware with minimal impact on system performance

Protection against email exploits and Trojans
Protect your company from attacks that target vulnerabilities which can use email as a threat vector, and malicious email-based Trojan executables.

Automatic HTML sanitization
HTML email is hugely popular because of the versatility it offers when communicating. However, the HTML code in emails can be used to perform malicious actions.

Protect your users against phishing and spyware
The GFI MailEssentials anti-phishing module detects and blocks threats posed by phishing emails by comparing the content of the spam with a constantly updated database of phishing URLs. This ensures all the latest phishing emails are captured. As extra protection, it also checks for typical phishing keywords in every email sent to your organization

Hassle-free spam and malware protection
GFI MailEssentials gives you the flexibility to choose what to do with spam and malware emails. You can delete, move to a folder on disk, forward to an email address, quarantine, or, in the case of spam, send to individual customizable folders (e.g., a junk mail folder) in the end users' inbox.

Email content policy enforcement
The keyword-checking functionality in GFI MailEssentials can be used to scan emails for keywords and the attachment-checking functionality scans emails for attachments. Advanced user-based filtering rules enable flexible and granular filtering of any part of the email message – including message headers, subject, body, attachment name and attachment content -- using different types of pattern-matching methods, including regular expressions.

Email management tools
The POP2Exchange feature in GFI MailEssentials gives companies using external POP3 email accounts a practical way to receive emails without the need for a dedicated email server.
With GFI MailEssentials, you can add company-wide disclaimers to the top or bottom of an email. Text and HTML formats are supported. You can include fields and variables to personalize the disclaimer. You can even create multiple disclaimers and associate them with a user, group or domain.




Reduce risk of data leaks and other malicious activity

Data Leakage risk assessment
Data awareness
Access control

Encryption for portable devices
When users connect to your network with a USB device containing unencrypted data, they are prompted to enter a password; GFI EndPointSecurity then encrypts all the contents on the device. After that, data can be accessed normally, with the added benefit of being encrypted using a strong AES 256-bit or 128-bit algorithm

Computer auto-discovery
GFI EndPointSecurity monitors the network, detects new computers that are connected to the network, notifies the administrator, and performs various tasks as configured by the administrator.

Portable device usage reporting
The GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack is a free powerful reporting package that adds on to GFI EndPointSecurity. It can be scheduled to automatically generate graphical IT level or higher level management reports based on data collected by GFI EndPointSecurity, enabling you to report on portable storage devices connected to the network, user activity, endpoint files copied to and from devices, and much more

Group-based protection configuration
Categorize computers into protection groups. For each group, you can specify the level of protection and permitted portable device access.

Status monitoring and alerts
GFI EndPointSecurity provides real-time status monitoring through its user interface. It displays statistical data through graphical charts, the live status of the agent, and more.

Activity logs
USB sticks pose a significant threat to your business environment. They are small, easily hidden and can store up to 128 GB of data.

Agent deployment
GFI EndPointSecurity provides administrators with the ability to automatically schedule agent deployment after a policy or configuration change

Whitelisting and blacklisting
GFI EndPointSecurity enables you to grant or deny access to a range of portable device classes, as well as block files transferred by file extension, physical port and the factory ID that identifies each device.


Listen to your data with GFI EventsManager; Manage event log data for system reliability, security, availability and compliance

Analyse log data for SIEM
Monitor and Mange your complete IT infrastructure
Consolidate log data for compliance

Wide support for log sources
As a network administrator, you have experienced the cryptic and voluminous log data that makes log analysis a daunting process. GFI EventsManager handles this task by decoding it and presenting it in a simple, easy-to-read format

Compliance reporting
There is often confusion among users as to which event log reports are needed to meet the requirements of different compliance acts. GFI EventsManager contains specific reports for many of the major compliance acts, as well as a suite of other reports focused on account usage and management, policy changes, object access, application management, print server usage, and many others. The reports are flexible and highly customizable; the layout, columns and row filter can all be changed.

Simple interface
Your network can be the source of considerable log data. Unless you can make sense of the information, however, it won’t provide you with the knowledge needed to effectively maintain your network. GFI EventsManager has an integrated dashboard that offers filtering-enabled charts; they provide a single point of contact with all the data you need to work efficiently

Granular control of log data
GFI EventsManager offers rule-based, deep and granular control of log data, with out-of-the-box support for operating systems, applications and network devices, and classification of security information

Safe storage of log data
Most of the industry standards, security best practices, or regulations covering network data management require that logs are kept in a secure manner that guarantees their accuracy and integrity. At the same time, access to the log data needs to be controlled to avoid disclosure of sensitive information or tampering attempts.

Reactivity and remediation capabilities
An important phase of IT management is incident remediation. GFI EventsManager reacts to security or IT issues by running code or scripts on the remote machines. You can stop services or processes, uninstall applications, reboot machines, disable user accounts, close network connections, flush caches, notify others, trigger third-party tools or custom code automatically and in real time.

Log processing rules and scanning profiles
GFI EventsManager ships with a pre-configured set of log processing rules that enables you to quickly and easily filter and classify log records that satisfy particular conditions. These templates make it simple to choose columns for reporting, as well as to perform column mappings. The supplied templates are also fully customizable

Works in highly distributed environments
Sometimes your workstations and servers are not neatly located in one central location. Your organization might be spread across the country, or even across the globe. So how can you collect data and monitor scattered workstations? GFI EventsManager has the answer

Unique combination of active checks and debug logs collection
Incident investigation is an important part of the IT management process. It usually involves analyzing various data to identify the cause of problems detected during the incident detection phase so they can be addressed as part of the incident remediation phase.


Network security scanner and patch management

GFI LanGuard acts as a virtual security consultant offering:
Patch Management for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Vulnerability scanning for computers and mobile devices
Network and software auditing

Patch management for operating systems
GFI LanGuard's patch management feature scans your network automatically or on demand. You receive all the functionality and tools needed to effectively install and manage security and non-security patches. GFI LanGuard supports machines across Microsoft®, Mac OS X® and Linux® operating systems as well as many third-party applications

Patch management for third-party applications
GFI LanGuard offers patch management support for third-party software, enabling administrators to detect, download and deploy missing patches for supported applications in the same way they monitor and manage operating systems.GFI LanGuard offers third-party patch management support for many popular applications like Apple QuickTime®; Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe Flash® Player, Adobe Reader® and Adobe Shockwave® Player; Mozilla® Firefox® and Mozilla Thunderbird®; Java® Runtime and others Click here for a full list.  With GFI LanGuard, it is possible to patch third-party applications and upgrade to their latest versions (e.g., if an old version of Adobe Flash is detected, GFI LanGuard provides an option for upgrading to the latest version or applying all patches for the version in use).  GFI LanGuard is the first solution that automates patching for all major web browsers running on Windows® systems: Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Apple Safari® and Opera™ Browser.
Vulnerability assessment.  During security audits, more than 50,000 vulnerability assessments are conducted. With GFI LanGuard, you can perform multi-platform scans (e.g., Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®; and iOS®, Android™ and Windows phone devices that connect to the Exchange servers) across all environments, including virtual machines, and analyze your network’s security setup and status.

Track latest vulnerabilities and missing updates
GFI LanGuard ships with a complete and thorough vulnerability assessment database, including standards such as OVAL (5,000+ checks) and SANS Top 20. This database is regularly updated with information from BugTraq, SANS Corporation, OVAL, CVE and others.

Integration with security applications
GFI LanGuard integrates with more than 2,500 critical security applications in the following categories: antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-phishing, backup client, VPN client, URL filtering, patch management, web browser, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, disk encryption, data loss prevention and device access control.  It also provides reports on their status (e.g., if antivirus is enabled and up-to-date, the firewall is turned on; the status of backup software; a list of instant messaging or peer-to-peer applications installed on your network, etc.). It also rectifies any issues that require attention (e.g., trigger antivirus/anti-spyware update; start antivirus/anti-spyware scans; enable antivirus/firewall; uninstall peer-to-peer, etc.).

Support for virtual environments
Organizations that use or plan to use virtualization on their network can install and use a range of GFI products with confidence.

GFI LanGuard supports and runs on the most common virtualization technologies in use, namely VMware®, Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Hyper-V®, Citrix® and Parallel. It also detects virtual machines hosted by the scanned computer.

Helps you comply with PCI DSS and other regulations

All businesses handling cardholder data, regardless of size, have to be fully compliant with strict security standards drawn up by the world’s major credit card companies.  
Multiply the value of GFI LanGuard with powerful reporting – its reports are designed to satisfy the requirements of both management and technical staff

Agent technology
The agent technology enables automated network security audits and distributes the scanning load across client machines. The administrator simply needs to define the network perimeter and provide credentials to enable automatic network discovery, agent deployment and auditing of the client machines. Manual intervention is necessary only when fine-tuning is required.
This feature provides the following benefits:
• High speed: Scan hundreds or thousands of machines in just a few minutes.
• Automation: Agents update the client status on the server on a regular schedule. Every time the application is opened, users can analyze a complete and up-to-date network security overview.
• Scalability: Due to distributed load, it is possible to scan more machines in one go, even in WAN environments.
• Accuracy: Local scans have less failure points than remote scans; agents will continue to work even when computers are not connected to the network.
An agent may also be designated a “relay agent” in order to distribute the remediation load across the network.


Manage Internet usage

Can your users resist the Internet’s many temptations?
GFI WebMonitor helps mitigate risks posed by user Internet browsing:
Enhance web security with multiple malware protection layers
Monitor user web browsing and filter undesired websites
Optimize bandwidth usage

Social controls
Social media sites are essential for marketing purposes. Instant message and social control policies provide granular filtering capabilities. GFI WebMonitor can block Facebook applications and games without blocking Facebook, or block Gmail chat but not email.

Remote filtering
Remote filtering enables administrators to protect and filter laptops when they are off the corporate network. Changes to infrastructure are not necessary, nor is the need to expose the web proxy to the Internet. The agent is a self-contained application that uses online lookups to apply policies defined by the on-premise server

Search engine monitoring
Monitoring user searches on Google®, Bing®, and Yahoo!® helps identify potential issues such as attempts at bypassing GFI WebMonitor and high-risk activity related to terrorism or weapons. Monitoring search engine terms can even provide a good indication of the general mood of the organization

Surf time policies
GFI WebMonitor enables you to set surf time policies that define an acceptable amount of leisurely web surfing. This function helps strike a balance between potential productivity loss and outright website blocking, which may result in disgruntled employees

Control problem downloads
GFI WebMonitor enables you to set polices based on download thresholds. For example, the administrator can allow users to download a maximum of 100 MB per day from video sharing and online file storage websites such as YouTube or Dropbox™. When users exceed their bandwidth threshold, they are blocked

Interactive dashboards for all
GFI WebMonitor reports provide key insights into employee behavior with information relevant to various executive roles. Simple dashboards and reports with role-based access to certain employee data ensures that stakeholders use the information gathered by GFI WebMonitor to address specific issues

Action-based alerts
The ability to define real-time alerts based on websites visited, websites blocked or bandwidth consumed enables you to anticipate high-risk situations. Large downloads, virus outbreaks, employee job searches, and visitation of inappropriate sites are among the issues immediately called to your attention

Block connections in real time
GFI WebMonitor’s unique real-time monitor enables IT administrators to view large unauthorized downloads and block them – as they occur. The ability to filter by category, website and user for live connections – and the ability to terminate them at will – place the IT administrator firmly in control.

Plug-in for ISA Server and TMG
GFI WebMonitor can be deployed in standalone mode or as a plug-in for Microsoft ISA Server or Forefront TMG. Despite the fact that Microsoft no longer sells TMG, GFI will continue to develop and support the TMG plug-in for the benefit of customers still using TMG and ISA servers