Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault is the market leader in e-mail archiving; it offers the most comprehensive e-discovery, e-mail storage and regulatory compliance.
Typically such installations were expensive and required new skill sets to be used in house, but with Enterprise Vault.cloud from Symantec e-mail archiving is now affordable on a monthly per user basis

What is Enterpirse Vault Cloud
Mailbox Management, eDiscovery, Compliance – Are You Meeting The Challenge?

Email is one of your company’s most critical assets – and with worldwide email traffic projected to grow to 507 billion messages per day by 2013* managing email has never been more challenging. Not only do your employees need access to their email accounts to conduct business efficiently, you must also manage historical copies of email to comply with current regulatory requirements. And, your company requires the ability to easily place legal holds on emails and conduct efficient eDiscovery if faced with a lawsuit.

IT departments without an email archiving solution in place may find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time and funds managing an increasing volume of email and responding to labor intensive search and retrieval requests from corporate compliance, legal, the office of the CIO, and company employees.

Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud is a service designed to help your company address the challenges of email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. It safely archives internal and external emails off site, while providing rapid, on-demand access to your emails after they have been archived.

The service’s key components combine secure single instance storage for your emails with quick and easy search and retrieval. Internal and external email communications are automatically captured and transmitted to be stored in redundant off-site data centers.

End users can search and restore emails in their personal archives via Microsoft Outlook or through a secure web-based interface that delivers rapid search results. Administrators can search globally or they can delegate limited access to other users.

The Symantec.cloud Difference

• Scalable service with options to suit SMB or Enterprise
• Completely hosted deployment model
• Compatible with customers using a hosted Exchange server
• Avoids archiving viruses and spam when used with Symantec MessageLabs Email Security.cloud
• Facilitates high availability and disaster recovery when used with Enterprise Vault Mailbox Continuity.cloud
• Supplies expert staffing and 24/7 support from Symantec. cloud experts

One Hosted Solution Meets The Needs Of Many
Enterprise Vault.cloud can help meet the email management requirements of your various stakeholders:

Email Storage Management: IT can meet the needs of end users by essentially removing quotas from their mailboxes and providing archives that can easily be searched through Outlook or a web browser. The solution scales easily allowing IT to add new users as needed. The size of local mail stores can be dramatically reduced improving performance of mail servers and making backup easier.

Cost Containment: The solution can be quickly set up, is easy to implement,and does not require dedicated staff. Total cost of ownership can be typically lower than an on-premise solution, which requires significant up-front purchase and deployment investments as well as ongoing costs associated with administration, storage, backup, capacity management, and high availability. Costs are also predictable allowing for effective budgeting.

Compliance: The solution allows setting of email retention policies, provides optional supervision and review capabilities, and makes it easy to implement legal holds. Service options are available for customers in highly regulated industries.

Legal Discovery: Advanced legal discovery features allow internal and external legal teams, IT and HR to collaborate and efficiently review and categorize large volumes of email associated with litigation.


How The Service Works

• An administrator sets up accounts, permissions and configures retention policies.
• A mail connector, journaling and a secure TLS connection are set up on your email server.
• A highly secure, external, repository is established to store, manage and maintain your archived email.
• As email is sent and received within the primary email system, a copy of each message (including internal email) is sent directly to the data center.
• Email and attachments are deduplicated and securely stored along with relevant metadata.
• Mail can easily be retrieved from the hosted archive by users within the company or authorized external users.

Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreement provides a money back remedy if availability of 99.9% is not met


Purely hosted solution
Support for end-user searches within Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, secure web portal or BlackBerry
World-class search & legal discovery
Unlimited storage and retention
Tools to facilitate with import of existing mail stores
Support for Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and Groupwise servers
Email Continuity option

With no hardware, software or client plug ins, the service is easy and quick to set up with lower ongoing management requirements
Powerful search functionality harnesses scalable cloud-based processing resources to deliver rapid results from multiple points of access
Search and retrieve email and hundreds of types of attachments. Easily place legal holds while global search capability can be delegated to legal staff or managers
Reduce local email stores improving server performance and shortening backup times while providing users with an unlimited email archive
Pull from multiple sources (PSTs, mail server, legacy archive) to create a complete off site hosted email archive
Support for multiple email servers to create one searchable off site email archive
Facilitates high availability when used with Enterprise Vault Mailbox Continuity.cloud