Off-Site Backup

Offsite backup solutions are a great complement to your new or existing back up strategy but offsite back up should never be relied on as the only back up procedure.
A local backup copy should always be kept on your main site, if data is required urgently for any purpose waiting for a man in a van or downloading data can cost value time and money, 
Technologies such as Deduplication reduce the amount of data that is offloaded off site reducing the cost and also the time required complete a back up,

The market currently offers many backup solutions with multiple platforms to choose from, some basic housekeeping should be adhered to before implementing an offsite backup solution :

1 - Will your information be kept in a UK datacentre
2 - How fast can you get a copy of your data should it be needed
3 - What are the benefits off agent based or agentless solution
4 - Can the solution cover both physical and virtual technology

CA and Symantec are just two of the industry leading offsite hybrid solutions that bramatt can install and support, call to discuss if either of these or our 3rd party options can help reduce your back costs and management problems


Computer Associates, Hybrid Data Protection, Getting the Most out of the Cloud:

Backup is important, but restore times are even more important. This point is often overlooked when planning backup to the cloud. When you look at the cloud for backup, you should consider a hybrid approach where backup and restore is performed to onsite disk first, and then critical information can be copied to the cloud for disaster recovery and archiving purposes. This way you get faster backup and restore from local disk, especially important when restoring an entire system. Performing backup and restore directly to and from the cloud can take a very long time depending on the volume of data being protected and the network bandwidth between your data center and cloud storage. So you need to understand that this can affect your backup windows and recovery time objectives.
You need a hybrid data protection solution that:
• Provides fast on-premise local backup and recovery.
• Enables remote copies of your data off-premise or in the cloud.
• Takes advantage of cloud storage for archiving to reduce your storage costs.
• Provides agility and flexibility to adjust as your business evolves.


The CA ARCserve® Family of Products provides a comprehensive hybrid data protection solution to protect your data, applications and servers. It uses traditional backup, disk snapshots, replication and high availability to protect your physical and virtual servers locally and in the cloud. You can easily select the right protection for your data to meet your recovery-point and recovery-time service-level agreements

Agility to the Max: Add and Remove Resources as You Need Them

It’s difficult for IT departments to plan their server and storage resources in advance, so most just buy more than they think they will really need. That translates to unused processing power and disk space. In addition, some businesses have to plan for cyclical highs and lows, such as in accounting, manufacturing and retail. Whether you’re planning your data archiving, business continuity or disaster recovery, leveraging a private or public cloud may help. MSPs and public cloud providers such as Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services are helping organizations of all sizes more quickly and easily adjust to changing needs for system and data protection, while transferring capital expenditure to operational expenditure and enjoying fixed service-level agreements.
The CA ARCserve Family of Products provides cloud connectors to both Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services for backup, archiving, replication and failover for high availability. You get:

• Protection for both physical and virtual servers.
• System, application and data protection, recovery and availability.
• Total flexibility and agility in leveraging on-premise, off-premise and cloud resources.
• Added security via built-in encryption technology.
• Centralized management and reporting for ease of use


Arcserve D2D

CA ARCserve® D2D On Demand, Confidence in Recovery:

Your Challenge
The need to recover lost data rapidly and efficiently, in combination with the exponential growth of data, is a real challenge for companies. How do you cost effectively safe guard your data against a true disaster? Are you agile enough to quickly restore mistakenly deleted information? How can you improve your ability to be successful?

Take the First Step to the Cloud
Two premier companies in the software industry, CA Technologies and Microsoft, have partnered to deliver an agile and cost effective solution designed to facilitate your data protection requirements.

CA ARCserve D2D On Demand is an on-premise and cloud hybrid data protection solution that decreases risk in the event of a disaster by protecting your data and providing efficient recovery of lost or deleted data, including Windows® Azure™ cloud storage for secure off-site data protection and disaster recovery.
CA Technologies and Microsoft can help you meet your recovery point and recovery time objectives, while saving you money and providing you the flexibility to pay by the month based on what you use.

Benefits to Your Business:
Complete data recovery solution including Windows® Azure™ cloud storage for secure off-site data protection, disaster recovery and archiving
Agile protection for virtual and physical servers with a single user interface saves training time and simplifies operations uses less storage space, performs backups faster, reduces demand on production servers and performs backups every 15 minutes to enhance protection
Single snapshot backup with five restore types: files/folders, volumes, applications, Exchange emails and Bare Metal Restore
Onsite Bare Metal Restore offers a very fast method of recovery from a crashed server to the same or dissimilar hardware

Companies today need reliable, fast and cost effective backup and disaster recovery solutions. CA ARCserve® D2D On Demand is designed to provide the perfect combination of fast, easy to use and reliable on-site recovery plus off-site disaster recovery with Windows® Azure™ cloud storage – all in one package. Together, Microsoft and CA Technologies are providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for data management that is agile, trustworthy, streamlined and cost-effective.

CA ARCserve D2D On Demand is the only product that has Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware, storage space saving block-level infinite incremental snapshots, based on I² technology™ from CA Technologies, and Window Azure disaster recovery in one subscription service. It also delivers a one pass snapshot backup locally that allows you to restore files, volumes, applications, Microsoft Exchange emails, or the entire system to any server in both physical and virtual environments. This "set it and forget it" solution makes protecting data locally very easy and provides peace of mind knowing that you are protected offsite in case of a catastrophe.

HYBRID DATA RECOVERY solution including on-premise fast restores and Windows® Azure™ cloud storage for secure off-site data protection, disaster recovery and archiving. Hybrid cloud solutions provide the most flexibility when it comes to reliable backups, rapid restores and balancing storage requirements between on-premise and cloud storage for recovery.

PROTECTION FOR PHYSICAL AND VIRTUAL servers with a single user interface increases agility, saves training time and simplifies operations. Save money and reduce your stress with a single product to protect both your physical and virtual servers - recover quickly with P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P all from a single location.

BLOCK LEVEL I2 TECHNOLOGY™ uses less storage space, performs backups faster, reduces demand on production servers and can perform backups as frequently as every 15 minutes to enhance protection. This patent pending technology ensures that you can optimise your disk requirements for the onsite backup significantly in comparison to most other disk based backup solutions.

COST EFFECTIVE SAAS SUBSCRIPTION license allows you to use operational budget to pay for what you use (OP-EX vs. CAP-EX) providing more financial flexibility easing management of your capital and expense budgets.

CIOs report that today they are keen on having the flexibility between OP-EX and CAP-EX so they can shift IT purchases back and forth. They state this is a critical point for them and can often be the difference frankly between making a sale or not.

SINGLE SNAPSHOT BACKUP WITH FIVE RESTORE TYPES: Single-pass backup enables you to rapidly restore files, volumes, databases, Microsoft® Exchange emails or the entire system to any server in both physical and virtual environments. One snapshot helps to ensure recovery of your data in the most efficient manner from locally stored snapshot backups. You get the flexibility of a hybrid cloud backup solution to store data in multiple locations and the choice of multiple recovery methods to help you meet your SLAs and protect your critical business data.




Symantec Backup

Get simple, secure online backup and recovery from Symantec, the preferred provider of data protection solutions. Use Symantec Backup to protect your critical data by automatically streaming it, encrypted, to Symantec’s secure, off-site data centers, with just a few minutes of set up. Should disaster strike, keep your business up and running by restoring critical files from anywhere.
Secure, off-site protection and enterprise class data encryption

Hassle-free backup that can be set up in three steps
Incomplete backups can expose businesses to risks such as lost data, lost employee productivity, and lost business – yet many small businesses have incomplete data protection plans. For some, the costs and complexities of backup are just too overwhelming. Others lack the time and resources to consistently manage backup related software and hardware.

Symantec Backup can help address incomplete or infrequent backup by providing a simple, secure online backup and recovery service from the world’s preferred provider of data protection solutions. The service protects critical data by automatically streaming it, encrypted to Symantec’s secure, off-site data centers.

Easy to set up and use, the service can be set up in minutes and no hardware purchase is required. A subscription-based pricing model provides flexibility and allows businesses to use only the data protection they need with no per-user licensingfees. If hardware failure, local disasters or accidental file deletion occurs; critical files can be restored from anywhere.

Backup securely protects critical data off-site
Data is transmitted using 128 bit SSL encryption and is stored securely off-site using AES encryption to protect it while at rest in our data centers. Businesses gain essential data protection that can be managed from anywhere and is easily deployed to Windows-based desktops, laptops, and Microsoft, Exchange and SQL servers located in main, branch or remote offices

Automatically protect critical data and gain peace of mind

Symantec Backup provides a reliable off-site alternative to on-site backup hardware and software that offers:

Easy, secure, automated backup: Set up in three steps using our web-based management console. Just log on, deploy agents and set policies. Backups are stored in off-site data centers and run on a schedule or when file changes happen. There is no need to pay for resources to manage and maintain backup hardware or software and all service upgrades are included in the subscription fee.
Simple data recovery and service management: Self-service options allow employees to locate and restore individual files and data themselves from any service enabled machine. The management console provides visibility into the backup status of all protected systems.

Flexible, scalable, pricing: Subscription includes 24x7 support, maintenance, and service enhancements. With no per-user licensing fees and usage-based pricing, it’s easy to expand in order to meet changing business needs.

How the Service Works:
1. Begin by logging onto the web management console.
2. The service agent is deployed to target systems (desktops, laptops,and servers) using email,redistributable package or directdownload.
3. Backup policies are created in the console by selecting the files and folders to protect and setting desired backup schedule.
4. An initial backup is performed and data is encrypted during transmission over the Internet and while at rest in secure, off-site facilities.
5. Automatic backups occur silently in the background using incremental backups at the block level and bandwidth throttling to optimize bandwidth usage and minimize performance impact to other systems
6. The web-based management console is used for on going maintenance including adding new systems, managing data volumes, and viewing the status of backups.

Always-on,Automatic backup for PCs and Servers                                               
Secure, off-site protection                                                                                  
Multiple agent deployment options                                                                      
Employee self service recovery                                                                           
Powerful data history                                                                                         

Simplifies backup and helps to make sure that critical data is always protected by performing backups on a schedule or when files are changed
Data is encrypted while in transit and at rest in secure, offsite location and can be restored to any Internet-connected location
Download, email and redistributable package options make the service easy to deploy to individuals – whether they are in the office or working remotely
Empowers employees to restore their own files reducing burdens for administrators and minimizing downtime for users
Data is stored for the life of your contract unless it is deleted from your computer or replaced by a newer version – it will then be removed from your backup after 90 days