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Microsoft Office 365 without a doubt, delivers the most commonly used Microsoft platforms at one of the cheapest options available in the market today.

If you are looking for a professional IT solution, accessible 24/7, anytime anywhere, with minimal in house IT staff, Office 365 is the answer.

From £4 per user per month, Office 365 delivers applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook e-mail and SharePoint without major capital investment (please see cost benefits at the bottom of this page).  In addition you will always have the latest version so no upgrades will ever be required.Office 365 Screenshot

Office 365 is completely scalable to the growth of your company; you can easily add or delete users on a monthly basis to suit your business requirements.

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Office 365 Includes:

• Office Web Apps web productivity applications
• Exchange Online for email, mobile access, calendar, contacts, anti-virus, anti-spam (25Gb Storage Size)
• SharePoint Online for team sites, Access services, and an easy-to-build public website (Award winning internal web site – Intranet - Central Document )
• Lync Online for instant messaging and online meetings
• 24x7 moderated community-based support
• Simplified setup and management


Top 10 Benefits

Gain access virtually anywhere
Office 365 helps you work from virtually anywhere on nearly any device – PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.1 Working remotely means anywhere access to the information you need with the most consistent and secure experience. When you are not in the office, you can access your inbox with Outlook Web App, view and edit
documents with Office Web App or join an online meeting with Lync™ Web App.

Reduce cost and provide flexibility
Office 365 can provide your business with predictable annual costs for using communications, collaboration, and productivity tools. In addition, it can help you significantly reduce costs and effort spent deploying and managing on-premise servers.

Exceptional email, collaboration and online meeting solutions
Office 365 provides exceptional email, collaboration and online meeting solutions. Your people can simultaneously edit documents with their colleagues and easily escalate collaboration into an online meeting.

Enterprise security
With Office 365, your data is protected by the highest standard of physical and digital security. Microsoft Exchange Online has built-in anti-virus and spam filtering protection that address new virus and spam threats – known and unknown – as soon as they appear. Help safeguard your data with enterprise-grade reliability, continuous data back-up, disaster recovery capabilities and a strict privacy policy. Run your email on geographically redundant servers maintained by Microsoft. Office 365 is also designed to help you meet certain regulatory requirements.

Minimise the learning curve
Your people can become productive right away using familiar Office tools that integrate with Offi ce 365 without requiring complicated setup or configuration.

Find an agreement that fi ts your needs
Office 365 is available in a variety of contracts to meet your businesses and IT needs. Each one has the same 99.9% uptime guarantee and the robust security you expect from Microsoft.

99.9% availability, financially-backed guarantee
With Office 365, your mail, documents and services are available when you need them. Delivered from a global network of state-of-the-art data centres protected by multiple layers of security and a strict privacy policy, Office 365 includes a financially-backed Service Level
Agreement for guaranteed 99.9% scheduled uptime.

Keep it in control
Through the Office 365 management site, IT stays in control. Patches, updates and back-end upgrades are automatically applied while you retain control over when to deploy major changes. You can delegate authority for specific administrative tasks through Role-Based Access Controls.

Receive 24/7 support
Microsoft is proud to provide Office 365 subscribers with global IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your service administrators can create support tickets any time or call any worldwide support centre.

Help on-premise and online users work seamlessly
Even if some of your users’ mailboxes are on premise and others are in the cloud, Exchange Online provides rich coexistence that allows them to function as a single, integrated architecture. Features such as Free/Busy information, MailTips, mailbox search, message tracking and archiving are available to both cloud and on-premise
users. So collaboration is seamless regardless of whether a user’s mailbox resides on-premise or in the cloud.


Small Business Option – Cost benefitsOffice 365 Screenshot

If you do the simple calculation based on the cost of purchasing a traditional infrastructure to deliver a server based network system (not taking into account the PC/Laptop hardware), versus the Office 365 per month user cost, it is quite clear how small business users can benefit from Office 365 immediately.



Example site  - 20 user site                                                                                         

Server spec for 20 users with 50% expansion for growth
Microsoft SBS Software incl 20 Cals
Backup Hardware and Software
UPS for Server
Office Home and Business x 20 
Approx £8000 plus VAT                                                                                                                   

Office 365 – 20 user Per Month
Total £4 x 20 = £80 per month, per user.  Based on a 36 month period, cost is £2880 plus VAT.

This represents an immediate Saving of £5120 plus VAT; this figure does not take into account any additional IT staffing costs or downtime for maintenance / upgrades on the infrastructure etc.