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Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity can be perceived very differently from organisation to organisation; more importantly the perception and penultimate decision changes dramatically when budgets and costs are brought in.  One size does not fit all; our DR / BC solutions are based around industry leading technologies that deliver replication / fail over solutions, tailored to your budget and business requirements.

Without taking into account major events such as fire, flood or major power interruptions; what is seemed to be a minor event such as Hardware failure - Data Corruption -Software Errors can all cause major downtime.  Should you require a basic site to site replication of a data store or a multi-site instant fail over service our system architects can help to see how you can reduce the risk of downtime and increase resilience of your company data and systems.  Many insurers are now asking for companies to physically prove they have guaranteed procedures in place, providing sufficient protection against loss of data. The requirement for effective disaster recovery procedures to be in place is now more important than ever.

Business Continuity can be built from a single server data replication solution right through to multi server/multi site configurations encompassing automatic user redirection; this ensures virtually 0% downtime for end users in the event of a server failure.

The following pages introduce three popular scenarios used by small, medium and enterprise companies.
These solutions are completely scalable and are just illustrations in order to show what options are available to suit your business requirements.

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Scenario 1 – Data Replication
Scenario 2 – High Availability Single Site
Scenario 3 – Full Remote Site Disaster Recovery