Data Backup

IT Data Backup and StorageSystem and Server Backup is fundamental to any company.  Should you ever need to restore to a previous version of a single document or recover a complete entire server, it is imperative you have the correct procedure in place. 

With today’s fast paced data growth and more and more systems going digital; the need to access this information in order to meet your customer and supplier needs increases.  In the event of a system failure how fast you need to get back to this information is ultimately measured by your customer and suppliers demands.  By determining how fast you can retrieve this data can be the difference between an efficient backup strategy and losing tens of thousands of pounds in lost business.

A structured back data policy for example could enable you to restore data ranging from a few hours old to months back.  Examples of data loss could be because your company was hit by one of the latest viruses or data becoming lost or corrupt via a user error or other means.   A server restore could take minutes, hours or days so ensuring you have the correct protection in place are critical to your company's survival.

Data backup can be carried out in a manner of ways.  The most traditional being tape backup.  However with hard drives now becoming considerably cheaper the option of disk to disk backup on local or remote WAN sites and 'the cloud' is becoming more popular.