Green Policy

Bramatt Computing Green EnvironmentOver 60 per cent of company's continue to regard cost as the key factor in IT purchasing decisions, while over 35 per cent view security as the primary concern. Environmental concerns unfortunately remain a distant third, with just three per cent of respondents citing these issues as a priority.

In another notable trend, more than two-thirds of those company's surveyed have yet to impose any kind of formal policy for the shutting down of company PCs during evenings and weekends. A recent National Energy Foundation study estimated that 1.7 million corporate PCs are routinely left on at UK company's when not in use, wasting some 1.5kWh of electricity and generating around 700,000 tonnes of unnecessary CO2 each year.

These above facts are very true and very real, with this in mind Bramatt computing have created a green policy to help make your buying decision easier.

The Policy covers such issues as:

  • Power management
  • Carbon capping
  • Global warming
  • Recycling
  • Company Legislation
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Training and Awareness