Proactive Monitoring Support

Helpdesk Support ContractsOur Proactive / Managed Services can complement an existing IT department or in some cases may become the virtual IT Support department.

The decision to either expand the IT department or outsource the service will always be a commercial decision based on budgets and service level required.

The main company benefits are -
• No additional and often expensive IT Staff training etc.
• No salary, bonuses, staff retention, National Insurance worries.
• Holiday requirements, sickness is covered.
• Backup of an IT reseller, plus additional engineering resource.
• Per annum renewable contract.
• Training provided to on site engineers, specifically matched to your business

A basis of a managed service covers the following –

Service management and review

• Quarterly meetings - Extremely important in order to continue and build the relationship between both parties.
• Support Calls – Quantity of calls being made, nature and reason for the helpdesk calls.
• Response times of calls.
• Future Growth Plans and how IT can assist in new areas of the business.
• Patch upgrades.
• Software testing and roll outs.
• Procurement of equipment.
• Monthly KPI’s targets.

Please note fully outsourced support solutions are extensively tailored and in certain cases are not always an appropriate option for your company. Bramatt Computing offer impartial and honest advice as to whether we feel this would be beneficial to your organisation.