Green IT box recycling - greenitbox We understand from time to time you have old computers or office equipment in need of disposal. A lot of company's are also completely unaware that you are no longer allowed to simply throw your I.T. equipment in the bin.

Bramatt Computing's recycling services can solve all your WEEE problems. We dispose of redundant, obsolete or unwanted I.T. and office equipment and recycle greenly to the highest European and UK Environmental Agency standards and WEEE directives.


Environmentally Friendly Disposal

Computers and CRT monitors for example, can no longer be discarded indiscriminately and must now be disposed of in a way that is environmentally and ecologically friendly. Bramatt Computing ensures non-functioning equipment will be sent for green recycling - our procedures comply with current environmental legislation, with no waste material going to landfill. All material has full traceability and final destruction certification issued for all equipment collected.



Data Protection

We destroy all hard disks and storage devices within machines, ensuring complete removal of all data and provide you with secure data destruction certification.


Duty of Care

We will provide you with a full disclaimer against any form of liability for equipment collected.