Consumables are required by nearly all company's in the UK. As consumables are such a low commodity item, many company's often overlook the importance of this part of your IT procurement. Bramatt Computing understand that running out of toner when your important document needs printing can cost your company money and is just as important as your backup tapes and other hardware.

To help predict your buying cycle we conduct a usage analysis from your last 6 months spending history; by also estimating your future business requirements we are able to put a consumables analysis report together to ensure you always have the correct amount of floating consumable stock. Bramatt Computing can also hold your stock for up to 30 days in advance so you will never run out of ink/paper etc at that crucial time.

In addition to this service, we can also perform an analysis of your printing behaviour to ensure you are making a cost effective use of your existing equipment. For example many company's often overlook the cost per page for printing and spend an absolute fortune on inkjet cartridges. The reality of this being that a new laser printer would have saved you over 75% of this cost within a six months timeframe alone.

For further information please contact your account manager to discuss in greater detail.

IT Consumables cartridges and toners